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Anthony  Embry
PSAT I & II, Advanced Seminar, College Algebra, AP Calculus
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Upcoming Dates to Remember  

College Algebra Test 7 4-24-18

AP Calculus Test 7 4-25-18

AP Practice Test 4-30-18 through 5-1-18

College Algebra Test 8 5-3-18

AP Practice Test 5-7-18 through 5-8-18

College Algebra Final Exam 5-9-18

AP Calculus Exam 5-15-18


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Calendar of Events and Remind101  

You may have notice that this webpage does not include a calendar of events for the class, nor does it include daily assignment reminders. There is also no link to Remind101. This is not an error on behlaf of our Website Admin because Mr. Herron does not make silly errors. You are responsible for your education, so take the necessary steps to ensure that you are successful. By enrolling in college courses such as DE College Algebra and AP Calculus, you accepted college expectations. I challenge you to not only meet, but exceed those expectations.  

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Tutoring is available EVERY Morning: You know the drill on getting into the building.

Afternoon tutoring is available on Tuesday and Wednesday IFF you let me know the day of. If I don't see you by 4:00, I assume that you have left to get help elsewhere. (Not a typo- learn what it means).

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