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I am so excited to begin a new year!  We will be using Schoology, an online learning management system (LMS), in order to help students easily navigate, store, and complete/submit classroom assignments.  Most assignments will be available online.



Parent Portal allows you to look in my gradebook at any time for your child's grades! Contact the office to sign up today!

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Classroom Policy

Be respectful.
Be responsible.
Be ready.

No food or drinks are permitted in class.

Students should not leave the classroom once they enter. With only 45 minutes to complete class assignments, students must use the restroom during class changes. 

Vandalism or destruction to school property, computers, or equipment becomes the financial responsibility of the person responsible for the damage made.
 If a student intentionally damages any of the criteria mentioned, he or she will be responsible for the monetary damages and will be sent to the office with a referral for additional consequences.