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Biology I

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Hello Chargers! Welcome to Biology! I'm excited to have you in my class! This class is required for graduation and also has a state test! We cover 9 Units in this class which include biomolecules and enzymes, cells and cellular transport, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, cellular reproduction (mitosis and meiosis), the Central Dogma of Biology and biotechnology, Genetics and Heredity, Evolution, and Ecology.

About the Teacher


I graduated from Southaven High School in 2009. I graduated with honors and was number 9 in my graduating class. After high school I went to Northwest Mississippi Community College where I played soccer. In May 2011 I graduated with an Associates Degree in Secondary Education. After NWCC, I went to the University of Memphis. GO TIGERS! I graduated cum laude in May 2014 with a Bachelors in Biology.


This is my nineth year teaching biology at Southaven High School. I have previously taught Zoology, Botany and Environmental Science.


I live in DeSoto County and am married to Taylor Benson and together we have our son, Paul, a furbaby named Belle. I love all things Disney and Harry Potter. I volunteer with an organization called Cause-Play Memphis, where I attend various events and dress up as different fictional characters, mainly Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I have always had a passion for science and have always wanted to be a teacher. Before I became a teacher I worked in the infectious disease lab at Lebonheur Children's Hospital. While employed there, I also worked in various other labs in the Methodist HealthCare system. I love to travel and wish I could do it more often. I love attending University of Memphis sporting events, enjoy watching soccer and tennis, and love going to concerts. I try to live life to the fullest as much as I can, even though most of the time I'm just hanging out at my house!




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Supply List 

1. Binder

2. Pencils and/or pens

3. notebook paper

Suggested materials for success in class:

1. Colored markers/pencil/pens for notetaking

2. Highlighters

3. Index Cards- for studying purposes and tests


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You can use this site for any subject. It has GREAT videos that can help you with almost any topic, especially those in this Biology class! Just sign up as a Learner and get started!

Quizlet Vocabulary

This site has ALL my vocabulary terms by each chapter. You can use these to study for your vocabulary quizzes. Just find the test number we are on and you can take tests, quizzes, study flashcards, and more.

Bozeman Science Biology Videos

Biology Videos

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Create a student account (with a gmail email address) and enter the code to join my classroom.

Classroom Code:3k5cjwh

I'm still learning this too, so please bare with me!

Crash Coarse Biology


These are some AWESOME videos that can be used to further help explain topics. As the semester goes on, I may reference these videos as a source.