Michele Snyder



Welcome to Our Class!

Suplies needed:

*Personal headphones with plugin jack

* Pen

* Tissues


Program Description

Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is a survey course that introduces students to the breadth of the computer science field. The course lays a foundation in problem solving, critical thinking, and algorithmic development and then introduces students to the basics of Web development, programming, robotics, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI). 







About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

 1994 Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management from Delta State University

2010 Master's Degree in Technology in Education/Computers from Appalachian State University



2008 - 2028 National Boards in Career Tech Ed-Business, Finance & Information Technology

2016 Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Access Expert


Personal Info:

I am originally from Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta. My first teaching experience was at SHS from 1999 - 2003 then I moved to Hendersonville, NC where I taught for 15 years. I have since moved back to Mississippi and am now teaching Exploring Computer Science at SHS.