If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!

WBL Instructor, DECA Advisor, Yearbook Sponsor, Blood Drive Coordinator & Senior Class Sponsor

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Oh the places you'll go in WBL


Work-Based Learning is a business-related class that teaches skills required to succeed in the world of work.  Students are urged to begin making decisions about a future career choice - one that will hopefully allow them to love what they do every day of their working life!  They will acquire skills that will help to propel them into a successful future in the business world, such as:

- career planning

- interviewing skills

- financial responsibility

- business ethics

- legal rights in the work place

- business communications

- business and social etiquette

- safety in the workplace

- entrepreneurship

- financial literacy (including banking and checking)

...and so many other skills to make students a viable asset to any work environment.


   Welcome to W.B.L. - Work-Based Learning at SHS

Welcome to WBL/DECA at SHS!  I teach W.B.L. (formerly known as CPE) at SHS, which is also a part of DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America).  WBL is a class that serves as a bridge between students and the working environment.  Students are admitted to WBL through an application process, and understand that they must be employed with a position that can offer an average of 15 hours per week for a cumulative total of 540 working hours by the end of the school year.  They also learn practical concepts in a hands-on approach that will serve them well when they have graduated and are far from home and SHS - concepts such as resume writing, building a portfolio, career planning, customer service skills, safety and wellness in the workplace, time management, teamwork, cooperative learning, financing and budgeting, social and business etiquette, and many other skills needed to succeed as a young adult in a working world.

Through DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), my students and I are able to travel to New York for the New York Experience - Financial District Conference in December, as well as attend the Sports and Marketing Conference in Orlando in February.  These trips allow my students to become exposed to different aspects of the business world in two very different settings.  We always have a fantastic time actively learning and making educational strides toward their future career goals.  

I formerly worked in the corporate world for a major company before going back to school to become a teacher. This vantage point taught me well how to succeed and network in the working arena, and has allowed me to share with students the expectations of a very competitive business world in which they will one day become a vital part of in their adult life.  I attended Northwest Community College - DeSoto campus, graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Mississippi (HOTTY TODDY), and received my Masters in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University.  I worked hard in pursuit of my educational journey, all while raising three little boys (who are now grown!).  So if I can do it, I KNOW my students can do it!  (I happen to have amazing students!!!)

My heart belongs to my family!  I have been married to my best friend, WP, for a very long time.  We have three grown sons, one daughter-in-law and one to become a DIL someday, and two sweet grand-daughters, who call me "Puddin'."

I have been at SHS since 2005, and I love what I do!


My main focus is preparing students to recognize their strengths and potential in order to direct a pathway to meet future expectations and attain career fulfillment. 

In addition, I strive to enable students to establisha personalized career plan which will aid them to "grow with a goal" in order to allow a dedicated direction for reaching their dreams for future success.

DECA - Distributive Education Clubs of America

Through DECA, students are able to experience the world from a possible career perspective by having the opportunity to travel to Manhattan, New York, to attend the New York Experience Financial Conference.  Students become immersed into the fast-paced world of commerce and financial business, as they are able to explore the various facets of one of the busiest cities in the world!


In addition, DECA also offers a great learning experience in Orlando, Florida, for the DECA Sports and Marketing Conference.  While exploring the various theme parks of Disney, as well as Universal Studios, students get a first-hand look at how each business markets their properties to the mass public.  Students also learn what it takes to operate these huge businesses behind the scenes, allowing each to get a glimpse of those who have found successful careers through hard work and dedication.  Who knows - one of our own DECA students may one day be the CEO of Disney or their competitor, Universal Studios!  If so, I expect to get free park admission FOR LIFE!!!



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