Mrs. Jennifer Marley

Botany/Environmental Science Teacher

Phone Number: 662-393-9300
  • Email for students to address technical and logistical problems with Schoology

Courses Taught:

Botany, Environmental Science

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1 box of Kleenex ('Tis the season of the sniffles, sneezes, coughs, colds and flu) (if you can find it and spare it)

Notebook paper to keep and use

1" binder/folder to keep assignments in - keeping up with assignments is vital!!!

Phone/laptop with a power cell/battery calculate (I do not have enough outlets for all students and students can't move their seat to an outlet)

Hand sanitizer (if you can find it and spare it)

Clorox wipes (if you can find it and spare it)


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I am a 1993 High School graduate of Raleigh Egypt High School in Memphis, TN.
I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in General Biology from Middle Tennessee State University in 1996.
This is my 20th year of teaching. I have taught in North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi in both public and private school settings.
I am a 2011 recipient of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for Innovation in the Classroom


How are your grades calculated?
Daily work = 15%
Quizzes/Labs = 25%
Tests = 40%
9 Week Exam = 20%

Students can be exempt from their Final Exam only if they have a semester average of 85% or higher AND they have no DCAC, Suspensions, or JDC AND no more than 5 days of ALC

What is the Grading Scale?
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60-69


Converting Metrics

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2018 Curriculum Guide

2018 Curriculum Guide



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