Darna Briones

Mathematics Teacher

Phone Number: 662-393-9300

Remind 101:   Text  @briones214    To  81010

Courses Taught:

Compensatory Math I, Foundations of Algebra,
Ready HS Math F


SREB HS Ready Math (one-credit course) / Compensatory Math 1 (one-credit course) This course provide a basis for curriculum development for rising 9th grade students in need of content support prior to taking Algebra 1. The standards in this course are based on core content that should have been mastered by the end of grade 8 and key skills that will be introduced in Algebra 1.

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About the Teacher


Education & Qualifications:

*Master of Education Major in Special Education (Delta State University , USA);

*Master of Arts in Education Major in Mathematics (Philippine Normal University , Philippines) - candidate, completed 36 units;

*Bachelor of Science in Education Major in Mathematics (University of the City of Manila, Philippines)



Professional Teaching Experience - High School Mathematics Teacher

1993 - August 2003  High School Mathematics Teacher (Philippines)

2003 - 2004 Charles County Public Schools, MD

2004 - 2006  Prince George's County Public Schools, MD

2006 -2008  District of Columbia Public Schools, DC

2008 - 2017 Greenville Public School District, MS

2017 - Present   Southaven HS , DeSoto County Schools


Class Schedule

Class Schedule (SY 2020 - 2021)

1st Block - Comp Math I / Ready HS Math 

2nd Block - Comp Math I / Ready HS Math 

3rd Block - Planning/Conference Period

4th Block - Comp Math I / Ready HS Math 


After School Tutorial

Wednesday - 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm

Supply List

$5.00 Math Fee (For Traditional Students Only)

3 ring binder  (1.5 " thick)








Clever - Algebra Nation


Khan Academy

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Math is Fun

Purple Math



Welcome Back!

August 17th (Monday)

For Traditional and Virtual Instructional Program Students!

Welcome to your Compensatory Math 1 / SREB HS Math Class!

For those students enrolled in Traditional Plan, please proceed to Room I 214 (2nd Floor, 9th Grade Building). Please bring your materials to class and be ready to do Math work/activities with me. I'm so excited to start our lesson on the first day! :-)


For students enrolled in Virtual Instructional Plan, please start your work in Schoology. Please be mindful of the due dates for all your assignments. 


Please join my Remind 101 : Text @briones214  to  81010



For Distance Learning students click this Technology Assistance if you need help with your online technology.