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Mrs.  Donna  Jarnagin
College Lit, English IV, SREB Literacy
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ACT prep/academic nb/The Shallows
Due Date: 8/20/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

ACT prep

Highlight page 41

Complete page 42 with a group

Complete pages 43-44 alone

Complete page 45 with the teacher.


Article/Academic NB/The Shallows
Due Date: 8/19/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

Article of the Week

Highlight page 31.

Listen to chapter 3.

Complete 2 vocabulary words on page 36 and page 39

Complete page 38.

Opening Ceremony/MLA/Academic NB/The Shallows
Due Date: 8/16/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

Opening Ceremony--Identify a song.

MLA sheet

Read chapter 2 of The Shallows. Complete the chapter 2 handout.  Complete pages 28-29.

I collected the rhetorical precis.

Opening Ceremony/MLA/Academic NB/The Shallows
Due Date: 8/15/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

Opening Ceremony---ACT prep.

MLA sheet

Highlight page 19 in academic nb.

Complete page 24.  Read page 25.  Write a rhetorical precis'


Opening Ceremony/MLA/Academic NB/The Shallows
Due Date: 8/14/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

Opening Ceremony-ACT prep

Read chapter 1 of The Shallows

Complete page 18

Opening Ceremony/MLA/Academic NB
Due Date: 8/13/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

Opening Ceremony: ACT prep

MLA sheet

Watch a portion of a Clifford Nass interview

Read 11-16 and complete page 17 in the academic nb.

Copy a citation from the board (Clifford Nass)


Opening Ceremony/Academic NB/The Shallows
Due Date: 8/9/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

Opening Ceremony---Identify a song and explain how it makes you feel.

 Read the prologue of The Shallows and complete pages 5 and 6 in the academic notebook.

Due Date: 8/7/2019
Subject: SREB Literacy

For the first three days of school, I will distribute and discuss the following:

Procedures, Cell phone policy, Syllabus, Teacher Website, MLA, Magnolia.  You will find handouts for most of these in the crate on the long table.  Turn in the cell phone policy sheet by Tuesday, 8/13, for an extra credit grade.

We will also do 2 icebreakers.

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