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Welcome to my scientific world!

I teach Botany, Aquatic and Marine science and Environmental Science classes. No matter which class you are enrolled in my goal is to make each class as fun,informative and challenging as possible. So find a desk, strap yourself in and lets take this ride into science! 

This year we will be studying a variety of topics in class. I expect you to participate in all class discussions, complete homework, daily assignments and do your very best in my class. Feel free to ask or talk to me about any problems you may have. Together lets make this a very fun and productive classroom experience!

Daily requirements!

You are expected to bring your text book   DAILY to class. Pen or pencil may be used.

 Black or Blue ink will be used when turning in work. Multi color pens may be used to only take notes.

You will need a notebook or binder to record notes and any special intructions.

Class Procedures:

  1. When entering the classroom, be ready to start on bell work and be in the room when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Raise your hand and be called on before asking or answering a question in class.
  3. Be prepared for Pop Quizzes.
  4. If you need to sharpen you pencil during lecture raise the pencil and wait until you are given permission.
  5. A minimum of a week notice will be given before any test. If you miss the day of the test a new formatted test will be given.
  6. You are expected to review over material covered in class that day as homework in addition to any that was assigned to complete.
  8. Once the tardy bell rings you will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless given permission.
  9. Food privileges will be given on a class by class basis. Based on cleanliness of the room after the class has left.

Grading Procedures:

            Grading in this class will consist of percentage rather than points assignments.

            Homework     20%

            Class work     20%

            Tests            40%

            Exam (9wks) 20%


Make up Work:

           It is your responsibility to collect any make up work once you've returned to school.

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