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Welcome to APUSH (AP U.S. History)

On the Forms Site You will find a syllabus with nightly homework, readings, tests dates, and due dates.

AP US History Exam- May 11th

Be sure to get the fee $21 to me so I can order your flag book (AP Review book). If you ordered this before the break, the books are set to be here Friday January 5th.

Important Websites: - class code changes regularly:  This site is where you will post answers to discussion questions to accompany the nightly readings. text @apush17 to 81010 to receive nightly reminders about class, assignments and whatnot

Other Helpful Sites:

A. This is an excellent site to review prior to tests and the exam itself.

B.   This is a nice site to help you understand the DBQ set up of the rubric.

C.   This is one of many sites designed to give you tips on writing a DBQ. I like this one because they are six short steps that should help and not distract you from the question being asked.

D.   Past AP Free Response and DBQ Questions.

E. A review style video website to review the units. Warning the man talking can seem a bit monotone and dry.

F. Great Site that will be used in class discussion about Presidential elections.

G.     Awesome site to review some themes in major wars of all history.

H. Great review site as well as notes if you are struggling to get copious notes created.

I. A collection of Harper’s Weekly political cartoons. A great resource.

J.   A student homework and help site.

K.   Videos of presidential ads on tv.








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