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Child Development 

CHILD DEVELOPMENT - 1st and 3rd Term

My Child Development class consist of the following units:

Unit 1 - Basic Needs/Childhood
Unit 2 - Parenthood
Unit 3 - Reproduction, Abstinence, Teen Pregnancy, and STDs
Unit 4 - Prenatal Development
and Healthy Pregnancy
Unit 5 -
Baby's Arrival
Unit 6 - Baby's First Year

Unit 7 - Child from One to Three
Unit 8 - Child from Four to Six and Career Opportunities


Write a 3 complete paragraph informative essay on one of the following topics:

1.  Should people use profanity around children?
2.  TV and children
3.  Corpral Punishment in the home
4.  Early childhood literacy
5.  Drug and Alcohol use while pregnant
6.  Temper tantrums
7.  Childhood obesity
8.  Teens and STDs

Makeup essays are to only be used for classwork missed or anything approved by me.  Students have a day for each day missed to complete the assignment.  Students were told in class the makeup policy and it is on my board.


Ronald McDonald House -  I collect can tabs to send tothe Ronal McDonald House.  If you would like to contribute please bring your tabs in a container to my room, B202



Abstinence - Unit 3:
The students will discuss and determine the importance of abstinence through learning about STD and teen pregnancy consequences.   The students will be making a commercial about STDs and other consequences with their groups.    They will learn a great deal about the risks taken if they are sexually active.  We will also  be discussing the reproduction system, puberty, and teen pregnancy.  In my opinion, this topic is crucial for students at the high school level to learn in order to make healthy choices for their own bodies.  I do stress abstinence!

Sugar Baby  - Unit 5:
It is that time again...Sugar Babies are born again and on the move!!
During the week the student is responsible for protecting the baby and caring for them.  In class we will simulate and practice  holding techniques, burping, feeding, changing clothes and diapers, car seat safety, swaddling, and discuss procedures of bringing home a new born baby.

The purpose of the project is to teach responsibility and the importance of making sure you are ready to care for a baby before having one.  We also discuss budget and what it takes to make it successfully while raising a child properly.




Please Note
I often change my test dates if I feel that the students are not ready for the test or if school functions create the change.  I mainly  put emphasis on hands on activities, class discussions, and projects.  I keep the students informed of test changes verbally and I write them on the announcement board.
Grades are weighted as follows:
Test 20% - Term Exam 20% - Classwork 25% - Participation 10% - Projects 25%


The student is responsible for all makeup work and test.  They have the days missed only to make up tests.


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