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Quizlet    Find appropriate TEST number for the vocabulary.

Teacher website: go to the Southaven high school website. Go to teacher websites and find my name (Stephanie Benson). Here you will find a updated calendar and other information your student may need!

Feel free to contact me via email anytime. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Mrs. Benson’s Biology Class


Tutoring hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30-8:15

Teacher website: go on the SHS website, click teachers, click ‘Benson, Stephanie’ to find my calendar, PPTs, and other class materials you may need. this site can be used for study purposes. If you search for smbenson347, premade vocabulary quizzes, flashcards, practice, etc. can be found for each chapter.

Biology I is a required course for graduation. Students must pass both the class and the SATP Biology I state test. Biology I is an introductory, laboratory-based science course designed to study living organisms and their interactions with the environment. This course provides a foundation for advance biological studies and personal career choices. This class has a mandatory Case 21 Test AND a state test that will be taken.

RULES for my classroom:

1.Be kind.        2. Do what you are supposed to do!


Tests/Labs/Projects – 40%

Quizzes – 25%

Homework and Daily Grades – 15%

Nine Weeks and Final Exams – 20%



Phones: Students will turn in phones to the cubby assigned to them everyday upon entering. They cannot get it back until all their work has been finished. Failing to do so will result in the phone being taken up and sent to the office.

Food: Food should be finished upon entering the classroom. Only bottled drinks with a lid are allowed.

Bathroom: Each student will be given 3 bathroom passes per semester. They can only go to the restroom if they have a restroom pass. They must also have the planner to go to the restroom.

Talking: Students should not talk while I am talking. Students will be called on to answer questions. Hands should be raised.

Entering the room: Students will enter the room quietly and politely. Do not interrupt students. Settle in- put away backpack, lunch, and coat; get out supplies for the day. Backpacks and other personal items should be left on the floor underneath the desk. Turn in homework or any other assignment, if necessary, into the appropriate bin. Start bellwork. Remain in your seat during class. Trash can be disposed of when leaving!!!!!

Homework: Homework will be checked as it assigned. All work will be completed and placed in the composition notebook.

Leaving the room during class: Students will not leave the room without permission. Students must have his or her OWN planner in order to leave. This should be filled out by the student before I will initial and give permission to leave.

Leaving when the class is over: Before leaving students will clean their area. I will dismiss the class when ready, not the bell. Throw any trash away on the way out the door. Turn in any daily assignments before leaving if you have not already done so.

Emergency: Students will follow the plans outlined by the school.

Make-up Work/Test: It is the individual student’s responsibility to obtain the work missed. Upon returning to school, the student will need to collect any missed work from the makeup binder at the front of the room.

Per county policy- When a student is absent from school (excused or unexcused), the number of days allowed to complete any required assignment is commensurate with the number of days missed to a maximum of five (5) days.

When a student is absent and a grade was taken, a ‘1’ will be placed in the computer until it is made up. After the time given, it will become a zero.

Retakes/remediation: Each student will have 1 week from the original test or quiz day to retake any test or quiz.

Tardies: Students will follow the school’s policy for tardies.

Late Work: Students should turn in all work on time and promptly. Students may email any at home assignments if absent from school by the time his or her class period is over. Late work will result in a zero.

Group Assignments or Lab work: Students will work cooperatively in groups and show team like qualities in a group setting. Do not bring anything with you to the lab unless I specifically ask you to. When moving into the lab there will be no talking. Politely and quietly find a place to sit (with your group or partner if necessary) where you can do your best learning; sit flat, not on your knees; listen carefully for new information. Students will practice safety in a lab at all times. Each student will have a job in group settings. Do not speak when someone else is speaking.

Materials/Supplies: Students should come prepared to class everyday.

Phones during test: Phones are NOT prohibited during class and should be placed in the appropriate cubby upon entering class.

***Listen and follow all directions. Also do your best at all times.

All rules, procedures, rewards and consequences are subject to change according to the teacher’s discretion.

Cheating in ANY way will automatically result in a zero. This includes but is not limited to phones being out, talking or making ANY noises during grades assignments, looking on someone else’s paper, or copying someone else’s work.


Classroom Expectations:

·      You will all be respectful of materials in the class, each other, and me.

·      Put your best foot forward.

·      Pay attention, participate, and ask questions.

·      Preserve a positive learning environment.

·      Take responsibility for your actions.

·      No one is perfect, including me. Mistakes will be made but we will do what is necessary to fix any errors that are made.

·      Follow directions the first time they are given.

Supplies Needed:

1.    College Ruled Composition Notebook

2.   Pencils and/or pens

3.   Kleenex- 4th block

4.   Tape for notebook.


Suggested materials for success in class:

1.    Colored markers/pencils

2.   Highlighters

3.   Tape


Extra Credit Supplies

(All worth 5 points.)


1.    Clorox wipes

2.   Hand sanitizer

3.   Colored Paper Packages

4.   Dry Erase Markers

5.   Dry erase erasers

6.   Markers

7.   Colored Pencils

8.   Crayons

9.   Pencils

10. Poster boards

11.  Composition Notebooks

12. Notebook paper



Anything on this syllabus can be altered at the teacher’s discretion.


Grades are uploaded as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. Please let me know if you have a question about any grade. If you ever need to contact me for any reason, please EMAIL me! I will get back to you as soon as possible. My email address is

Please use my website to find any work or assignments you may have missed. You can access my website by going to the Southaven High School Website, clicking on teacher websites, and finding my name, Stephanie Benson.

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