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Welcome my Wonderful World of World History!

This is my website aka "The Digital Classroom." You will be able to find just about anything related to my class on this handy little page.

If there is something that you are trying to find, but can't please send me an email by clicking the email link shown above, and I will make sure to get it up ASAP or direct you to where to find what you are looking for. This is an active website and a "work in progress" so bear with me as I work to get information uploaded over time.

Somethings are not shown until they become "unlocked" on a certain day due to the pace of the class.

Please look around and enjoy all that you can about the "Digital Classroom!" If you have any questions please let me know!

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Trying to Find Notes?  

Are you looking for Notes?


If you are here looking for a powerpoint to fill in one of your note guides, select the link above that says NOTES/POWERPOINTS. If you are looking for an extra note guide because you lost the one I handed out in class, go to the link above that says Projects, Blank Note Guides, and Other Forms. It is highly recommended that you do not use your phone when trying to look at the powerpoints. Please use a computer!

Tutoring Times  


Tutoring is by appointment after school on Tuesday and Thursday.


Students must let me know that they are coming in order for me to be in the room after school waiting on them. If they do not make an appointment with me there is a near 100% chance they will not be seen.


This is also the time that students may make up tests if they were absent.


Please plan accordingly as students will not be allowed to miss additional class time to sit in the hall to make up a test during class.


Tutoring ends promptly at 4:30!

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