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Note from Mrs. Rhodes: Most Important guidelines  

How to be a Perfect Charger!


Be Present #COMETOSCHOOL                            #SERIOUSLY             #STOPSKIPPING

Be Prompt #NOTARDIES           #GETBUSY





                                                               #KEEPUPWITHITHEHANDBOOK   #ITSTHERULES      #5BUCKS

Please Pick up after yourself #NOTYOURMOMMA #SAVETHETREES


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AP Note from Mrs. Rhodes: Most important Guidelines  


Respect the opinions, personal property, and personal space of your fellow students, Mrs. Rhodes, and any guests that may be in the classroom at all times. I will not tolerate any type of bullying, or disrespect in my classroom, EVER.

  • This is an AP course, which means it will require more effort than other classes; it also means that you will be expected to do more reading and writing than in a conventional history class. This class is designed to help you earn college credit while still attending high school, so it will also require you to be more responsible for your own learning than a conventional class.
  • Be prepared for class every day. You need to bring supplies to class; this includes but is not limited to: paper, writing utensils, and any assignments that are due.

    Above allI expect you to do your best on a daily basis! I understand that your best will change from day-to-day, but in order to succeed you need to bring a good attitude and put forth a good effort.

  • Remember it is always easier to keep up than to catch up!

  • Note for parent contact: Email is always the best way, I rarely check my voicemail.
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AP: Class Code   
  1. Visit and click on "I'm a student".
  2. On the students page, choose "AP World History".
  3. On the AP World History page, click on the "Enroll now" button.
  4. Create an account or log in if you're already signed up.
  5. You're now in your personal Study Room.
  6. Click on the "Join a Class" tab on the left and enter this code: YHTHB8X


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About AP...   

Hint for AP World History... We move FAST and there is A LOT of reading.


Also, disclaimer here, the AP curriculum does include lots of sensitive subjects like all major religions, gender relations, and family relationships throughout history so it will be expected of you to read about religions that are different from yours, but it is not meant to change your opinion just educate you. It is also not uncommon to read about pirates, criminals, prostitution, or drugs because these things have shaped history in some way. Because this is a college level course we expect you to be mature about these subjects and be able to handle them.

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