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Note from Mrs. Rhodes: Most Important guidelines  

How to be a Perfect Charger!


Be Present #COMETOSCHOOL                            #SERIOUSLY             #STOPSKIPPING

Be Prompt #NOTARDIES           #GETBUSY





                                                               #KEEPUPWITHITHEHANDBOOK   #ITSTHERULES      #5BUCKS

Please Pick up after yourself #NOTYOURMOMMA #SAVETHETREES



HELLO Future AP World History Students!

I hope you are enjoying your summer despite all the summer work you were given. I know it is tough and if you are struggling a little bit that is normal. If the work is way too hard for you feel free to talk to the counselors. REMEMBER that if you want to move to a traditional class you must inform the couselors BEFORE school starts.

That being said, I am super excited to meet you all and hope that you are ready to learn about all kinds of world history from how exotic animals were traded to how religions spread throughout the world, to how language can be a barrier and also a great way for cultures to bond. We will learn about amazing people like Ibn Battuta and Gandhi, we will learn about wars, philosophies, religions, myths, and how food and water have shaped our world. Its really amazing stuff! We will learn about many different cultures and hopefully you will gain an understanding of the world in a way that has never been presented to you before. I hope you are as excited as I am!

If you have questions email me! Good Luck!

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About AP...   

Hint for AP World History... We move FAST and there is A LOT of reading.


Also, disclaimer here, the AP curriculum does include lots of sensitive subjects like all major religions, gender relations, and family relationships throughout history so it will be expected of you to read about religions that are different from yours, but it is not meant to change your opinion just educate you. It is also not uncommon to read about pirates, criminals, prostitution, or drugs because these things have shaped history in some way. Because this is a college level course we expect you to be mature about these subjects and be able to handle them.

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