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Aldridge, Lee Chemistry I and Physical Science/Assistant Football Coach
Allen, Danny U.S. History
Allmon, Christine Choral Director
Armstrong, Jamie Special Education/Assistant Football Coach
Bailey, Angela Biology I
Baker, Selena Video Production, Debate
Ballheimer, Dirk Safety Education
Baxter, Kathryn Human Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology
Beam, Rebecca MS Studies, Intro to World Geography
Benson, Stephanie Biology I, Dual Credit Principals of Biology I
Bernard, Shannon English I
Boggan, Stephen Law Related Ed
Bradley, Kelsey English I
Branson, Davie Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra
Brewington, Lorrie Pre-K Teacher
Briones, Darna Ready HS Math F, Compensatory Math, Foundations of Algebra
Broadway, Katie French I
Bruce, Zachary Algebra I & III, AP Statistics, Archery Coach, Asst. AD
Byrne, Renee Acc. English II, English II
Clark, Michael English II
Clifford, Courtnee Mae Physical Education
Coffman, Claire ACT/SAT Prep, Intro to Theatre, Theatre II
Coleman, Delisa Health/ Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Cox, Cassie Acc. Gifted English I, Intro to Theatre, Theatre II, Dual Credit Theatre Appreciation
Dixon, Ralph EL Teacher
Doyle, Sundai Compensatory Math II, Algebra I
Dudley, Jarrod Local Culture
Edge, Jeffrey Business Law, Personal Finance, Assistant Baseball Coach / SHS Swim Team
Embry, Anthony Dual Credit College Algebra, PSAT I & II, Adv. Seminar I, AP Calculus
Findley, Tyler Fine Arts/Band Director
Fleming, Kristine Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra
Follett, Victoria Algebra I, Algebra II
Fowlkes, Carmen Performing Arts, Music, Keyboarding
Gabbert, Cynthia Spanish I & II
Gabbert, Gary Scott Drug Education, Physical Ed/Head Baseball Coach
Gardner, Timothy AP U.S. History, AP Psychology, Dual Credit U.S. History II, AP U.S. Gov't. & Politics, AP MacroEconomics
Gibbs, Mary Heather Family Dynamics, Child Development
Goranson, Roger STEM
Gregg, Angela English I
Harris, Owen Geometry, ACT/SAT Prep I
Hatch, Karen Librarian
Herring, Hunter Inclusion U.S. History & World History
Herron, Warren STEM, Tech Foundations, Webmaster, and SHS Varsity Dance Team Coach
Hill, Amy Inclusion - Science
Hill, Stephanie Algebra II
Hinson, Heather Algebra 1, Foundations of Algebra
Hollins, Clifford Earth and Space Science
Hoselton, Janet Early Childhood I & II
Jarnagin, Donna College Lit, English IV, SREB Literacy
Johnson, Linda Acc. English I & III, AP English Lit
Johnson, Melissa English Teacher
Jordan, Amanda English IV
Jordan, Brandon Psychology/Assistant Baseball Coach
Jordan, Jordan Geometry/Tennis Coach
Kimbrough, Rebecca U.S. Government
King, Cynthia Special Education
Knotts, Ashley Inclusion Math
Lantrip, Becky Algebra 1, Foundations of Algebra
Lee, Anita Fine Arts
Loya, Anissa Spanish I
Mark, Janise Physical Science
Marley, Jennifer Foundations of Biology
Marquez, Stephanie Algebra I
Maxwell, Rodney Inclusion - English
McCarrens, Shannon Contemporary Health (CTE), Foundations of Biology
McCrory, Amy English II, Comp English II/Assistant Track and Cross Country Coach
McMinn, Marla Sociology
McMurphy, Justin PE & Health/Head Girls Basketball Coach
Moore, Autumn English III
Moses, Tanya English III
Neel, Mardia Foundations of Biology
Paris, Meagan Inclusion Math
Parker, Brody Botany, Environmental Science, Genetics & Marine Science
Parks, Marty Career Pathways Experience/Yearbook Advisor
Pasterchick, Julie AP Gifted Lit IV, AP English III, Advanced Seminar I, PSAT I & II,
Patton, Avery Personal Finance/ Assistant Football Coach
Payne, Michael Biology I
Pierceall, Chris Band/Assistant Band Director
Pitts, Brian Fine Arts/Assistant Band Director
Potts-Szoke, Barbara Special Education
Pounds, Robyn Inclusion Biology
Prince, Russell U.S. History
Quinn, Michael Economics/Assistant Baseball Coach/ Head Bowling Coach
Reynolds, Trey English II
Rhodes, Skye World History/ Advanced Placement World History
Richardson, Ryan Compensatory Math I, Foundations of Algebra
Roberts, Sarah Inclusion Math
Rodgers, Connie MS Studies, Intro to World Geograph, Advanced Seminar
Roop, Angelia Algebra II & III, Geometry
Roper, Rebecca Special Education
Russo, Carol SREB Math
Rutherford, Merrileigh Visual Arts I & II, Photography, Ceramics
Sanders, Allen Director of Choral Activities
Savage, Brandy MS Studies, Intro to World Geography
Savage, Jody Biology 1
Sherwood, Natalie U.S. History
Shooter, Elizabeth AP Chemistry, Chemistry I, Physics I
Smith, Gregory French I & II
Smith, Scotty Dual Credit English
Staten, Shane Employability Skills & Driver's Ed/ Softball Coach
Stevenson, John Physical Education/Assistant Football Coach/Head Boys Powerlifting Coach
Thompson, Angela Special Education Freshman LSC
Tilghman, Preston World History
Tindall, Gina Inclusion - Social Studies
Tisdale, Lisa Inclusion - English
Tucker, Charles MS Writers, Oral Communications/Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Tucker, Heather American Democracy/Mississippi Studies/World Geography
Turnage, Catherine Acc. English II, PSAT I & II, Advanced Seminar I
Turpin, Mary Nutrition and Wellness
West, Keri Special Education
Wilkie, Mac English III and English IV
Wilson, Ronnie Physical Education
Windsor, Barbie Geometry
Winston, Aquarius GED/Assistant Football Coach
Winston, Jack Special Education
Yardley, Matthew School Testing Coordinator
Young, David World History, Soccer Coach
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