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Southaven High School Drama Department


April 19-21



Veta Louise Simmons - Adie Turpin

Elwood P. Dowd - Josiah Walls

Myrtle Mae Simmons - Brittney Berryman

Duane Wilson - Colby Wilson

Lyman Sanderson M. D.  - Caleb Baker

William R. Chumbley - Austin Kraft

Jusdge Omar Gaffney - Luis Marquez

Ruth Kelley R.N - Caroline Hartsell

Mrs. Ethel Chauvanet - Jordan Davis

Betty Chumley - Merrie Detweiler

E.J. Lofgren - Angel Paez

Miss Johnson - Brigid Anderson



Stage Manager - Katherine Clark

Assistant Stage Manager - Nyla Thomas

Costumes - Jeremiah Hollis & Rebecca Luther

Props - Sammy Tillery

Lights - Riley Payne

Sound - Matthew Gentry

Publicity - Ana Santos

Front of House - Cameron McQueen

Run Crew:

Lauren Dandridge

Cameron McQueen

D'Aireus Ayers

Hannah Holmes

Joshua Britt

Dayton Shegog

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